Privacy Policy

sulvam.Ltd, (hereinafter the “Company”) is the operator of an online fashion shopping site for sales of the Company’s products, etc. (hereinafter the “Services”), and collects, uses and keeps personal information of users using the Services. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to set out basic policies on the handling of personal information of users that the Company collects in connection with the Services. The Company respects the privacy of users and shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, regulations and rules, and shall protect important personal information of customers by taking all possible measures, so that users may use the Services with security. The Company does not have a personal data controller or processor in EU countries, and does not deploy services for users in EU countries or monitor their behavior; accordingly, the application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is precluded.

1.Name and location of the business operator handling personal information

Name: sulvam.Ltd,
Location: MG Building 2F, 1-45-6 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2. Items of personal information collected from users and manners of collection

The Company will collect the following personal information in the following manner:

Manner of collection Items collected
At the time of membership registration and change of membership information Name, sex, birth date, country of residence, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and password
At the time of purchase of an item Delivery address, payment information (credit card information or information on other means of payment), ordering date/time, and purchase data (details and size of an item, etc.)
At the time of a visit to the site Access history and information collected using cookies, web beacons and other similar technology
At the time of acceptance of/response to inquiries/complaints Contents of inquiries/complaints
Information provision from credit card companies, payment agents, etc. Information of users provided by credit card companies, payment agents or payment-related companies to the Company
Information of which provision is requested by the Company (through questionnaires, surveys, etc.) Requested information

3. Purposes of using collected personal information

The personal information set forth in paragraph 2 above will be used for the following purposes, unless consent is obtained on a purpose of use separately, or it is permitted under laws and regulations.

Purpose Personal information used for the purpose
To manage and register an account of a user on the Services Name, sex, birth date, country of residence, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and password
To confirm the identity of a user on the Services
To complete the procedure under a sales contract formed between a user and the Company on the Services (ordering, delivery, receipt of an item charge, return, etc.) Name, country of residence, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment information, and information of the user’s account
To provide customer service on the Services (to respond to/manage inquiries and complaints and notify a change to a service) Name, sex, birth date, country of residence, address, telephone number, e-mail address, contents of inquiries/complaints
In addition to the foregoing, to improve services on the website operated by the Company and manage their appropriate operation (including correction of violations)
To operate and manage a royalty program Name, sex, birth date, country of residence, address, telephone number, e-mail address, access history, purchase data, cookies, web beacons
To contact a user for marketing purposes and provide a user with relevant offers
To conduct research, analysis, a survey or questionnaire about a user’s usage of the Services
To analyze a user’s usage of the Services, develop a new service or improve an existing service
To publicize items and services of the Company or carry out targeted advertising
To distribute e-zines, run a lottery in an advertising/campaign, send prizes, conduct a questionnaire, or provide information (including information on a service) Name, country of residence, address, e-mail address

4. Provision/entrustment of personal information

The Company will provide the necessary personal information of the user to achieve the purpose of a sales contract made by the user on the Site (defined in item 6 below) to a necessary third party (delivery companies, payment service providers, etc.) to fulfill the sales contract. Outside the foregoing, the Company will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party unless the Company obtains the advance consent of the person concerned, or it is permitted under laws and regulations.

5. Management/protection of personal information

The Company will keep collected personal information during a necessary period to achieve the purpose of use. To prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, leakage and other accidents involving personal information, the Company will securely manage personal information, and endeavor to secure, enhance and rectify the security.

6. Collection of personal information in a method where users cannot easily recognize it

For the Services, cookies or web beacons (hereinafter collectively “Cookies”) are used to enhance the smooth provision of services. The Cookies are a technology that stores certain information in the Internet browser software (web browser) in the PC or other terminals of a user who accesses the website of the Company (hereinafter the “Site”), which records the day, time and other information concerning the user’s visits to the Site, making it easier for the user to use the Site at future visits. Information collected by Cookies may not identify the user by itself. Information of a user collected by Cookies will be used only to the extent of analyzing the browsing habits of the user to provide him/her with better services, and providing services of the Company, and it will under no circumstances be used for any other purposes. A user who does not wish to have his/her information collected by the Company with the use of Cookies may invalidate them by changing his/her browser settings. However, please note that if a user refuses the Company’s information collection with the use of Cookies, he/she may be unable to use part of the functions of the Company’s services, or his/her use of the functions may be limited.

7. Implementation of targeted advertising

(1) Purpose of using information, and items collected, accumulated and used
To provide more relevant offers to a user, the Company may implement targeted advertising by itself or a third party such as an ad serving company. When this is the case, the Company will use the following information kept by the Company (hereinafter collectively “Action History Information”). Action History Information may not identify the user by itself. )
(ⅰ) Demographic attributes of a user (sex, age, country of residence, address, etc.)
(ⅱ) Access history (the usage history of the Site and other information that may be used, when accumulated, for analyzing the needs, interests and concerns of a user, which may not identify the specific individual)
(ⅲ) Purchase data (items, categories, amounts, and days/times of purchases by a user)

(2) Provision of Action History Information
The Company may provide Action History Information to a company distributing targeted ads (hereinafter an “Ad Serving Company”) so that more beneficial information will be delivered to the user by means of optimal ad serving meeting the needs and interests of the user and other marketing activities including recommendations.

(3) Period of use and retention
The Company will keep Action History Information collected from a user during a necessary period to achieve the purpose.

(4) Procedure for invalidation
A user who wishes to invalidate targeted advertising may invalidate the use of cookies from the opt-out page of each Ad Serving Company. The same process must be followed when the browser is changed, cookies are deleted, or the PC is changed.

8. Revision to Privacy Policy

Unless otherwise provided for in laws and regulations, the Company may revise the Privacy Policy from time to time. The revised Privacy Policy will become effective when it is published on the website of the Company.

9. About procedures for disclosure, correction and discontinuation of use of user information

(1) Request for disclosure A user who provides personal information to the Company may request from the Company (i) notice of purpose of use, (ii) disclosure, (iii) correction, addition and deletion of contents or (iv) discontinuation of use, erasure and discontinuation of provision to third parties of the personal information (items (i) through (iv) are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Disclosure”). Personal information subject to a request for Disclosure is personal information of which the Company has the authority for Disclosure.
(2) Request procedure
You can make a request by completing an inquiry form or sending a written request by post.
■ In the case of a request by an inquiry form
Please make a request by entering the details of the disposition to request (notice of purpose of use; disclosure; correction, addition or deletion of contents; or discontinuation of use, erasure, or discontinuation of provision to third parties) in the inquiry form. The Company may confirm that it is a request by the user concerned with information that may identify the individual (his/her name, address, telephone number, birth date, e-mail address, password, etc.).
■In the case of a written request by post
In this case, please enter the items in (a), enclose the documents in (b), and send it to the address in (c).
(a)Items entered
Your name, address, contact point, e-mail address, details of the disposition to request, and reason for the request
(2)Documents enclosed
■ In the case of a request by the person concerned
(A) One of the following documents
"-Copy of driver’s license -Copy of passport
-Copy of health insurance card
-Copy of pension handbook
-Copy of Basic Resident Registration Card with a photograph
-Copy of foreigner registration certificate
-Copy of disabled person notebook"
(B) One each of the documents in (a) and (b)
a "-Family register or its extract (prepared within 6 months)
-Residence certificate (prepared within 6 months)
b -Copy of a utility bill
-Copy of student’s card or handbook
■In the case of a request by proxy
Documents of the person concerned listed in (A) or (B) of the above (b) Documents of the proxy listed in (A) or (B) of the above (b)
*For a legal proxy (parents, adult guardian, etc.), a letter of proxy will not be required when one document proving that the person is a legal proxy of the person concerned is submitted (family register or its extract, certificate of a family court, etc.).
(c) Address
MG Building 2F, 1-45-6 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo、151-0061
Attn: Person in charge of personal information protection of sulvam.Ltd,


When the above request is made, the Company will respond to it without delay. Please note that depending on the contents of a request, the Company may take time to respond to it.
If the Company finds that we cannot accept a request, the Company will respond to it with the reason attached.
Documents submitted for a request will be used within the limits necessary for responding to the request of the user. The Company is unable to return the submitted documents.
Even in the case of a request for deletion or erasure of personal information, the Company will retain for a certain period the documents submitted for the request and a copy of our answer (however, identification documents will be destroyed immediately after confirmation).
Please note in advance that as a result of a request for discontinuation of use, erasure or discontinuation of provision to third parties of personal information, you may be unable to use services of the Company involving personal information.

10. Point of contact for inquiries about personal information

Please contact the following point of contact for complaints, consultation or inquiries about the Privacy Policy or personal information and inquiries about requests for Disclosure.

[Point of contact for inquiries about personal information]
Enacted on ***** **, ****


株式会社サルバム(以下、「当社」といいます。)は、当社商品等の販売に関してファッション通販サイト(以下「本サービス」といいます。)を運営し、ユーザー様による本サービスのご利用に際して、ユーザー様の個人情報を取得及び利用し、また、当該情報を保管しています。 本プライバシーポリシーは、当社が本サービスに関連して取得したユーザー様の個人情報の取扱いの基本方針を定めたものです。当社は、ユーザー様のプライバシーを尊重し、ユーザー様が安心して本サービスをご利用いただけるよう、個人情報の保護に関する法律等の法令その他の規範を遵守し、お客さまの大切な個人情報を万全の体制で保護します。 なお、当社はEU域内に個人データの管理者若しくは処理者を設置しておらず、EU域内のユーザー様へのサービスの展開又はその行動監視も行っておりませんので、EU一般データ保護規則(GDPR)の適用を受けません。


名称 :株式会社サルバム

2. ユーザー様から取得する個人情報・取得方法


取得方法 取得する個人情報
会員登録・会員情報変更時に取得 氏名、性別、生年月日、居住国、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、パスワード
アイテム購入時に取得 配送先住所、決済情報(クレジットカード情報等各決済手段に係る情報)、注文日時、購買データ(アイテムの内容、サイズ等)
サイト閲覧時に取得 アクセス履歴、Cookie及びウェブビーコンその他これらに類する技術を使用して取得した情報
お問合せ又はクレームの申出・対応時に取得 お問い合わせ内容、クレーム内容
クレジットカード会社・決済代行業者等からの情報提供 クレジットカード会社・決済代行業者等の決済関連業者から当社に提供されたユーザー様の情報
その他当社が提供を求めた情報の提供 (アンケート、調査等を行う場合等) 提供を求めた情報

3. 取得した個人情報の利用目的


目的 当該目的に用いる個人情報
本サービスにおけるユーザー様のアカウントの管理・登録のため 氏名、性別、生年月日、居住国、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、パスワード
本サービス上で成立するユーザー様と当社との売買契約手続(発注、配送、アイテム代金の受取、返品等)を完了させるため 氏名、居住国、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、決済情報、ユーザー様の口座情報
本サービスにおけるカスタマーサービスを提供するため(お問合せ及びクレーム等の対応・管理のため、サービス変更のお知らせを行うため) 氏名、性別、生年月日、居住国、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、お問合せ及びクレーム内容
ロイヤリティプログラムの運営・管理のため 氏名、性別、生年月日、居住国、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、アクセス履歴、購買データ、Cookie、ウェブビーコン
メールマガジンの配信、広告、キャンペーンにおける抽選、プレゼントの発送、アンケート及びサービス案内等の情報提供 氏名、居住国、住所、メールアドレス

4. 個人情報の提供・委託

当社は、ユーザー様が本サイト上で締結する売買契約の目的を達成するために必要なユーザー様の個人情報を、売買契約の目的達成に必要な第三者(配送業者、決済事業者等)に提供いたします。 以上の他、当社は、あらかじめご本人から同意を得た場合又は法令により認められている場合を除き、個人情報を第三者に開示又は提供いたしません。

5. 個人情報の管理・保護

当社は、取得した個人情報を、利用目的の達成に必要な期間保持します。 個人情報への不正アクセス、個人情報の紛失、破壊、改ざん又は漏洩等を防止するために、個人情報を安全に管理し、セキュリティの確保・向上及び是正に努めます。

6. ユーザー様が容易に認識できない方法による個人情報の取得

本サービスでは、より円滑にサービスを提供するため、Cookie又はウェブビーコン(以下合わせて「Cookie等」といいます。)を使用します。Cookie等とは、ユーザー様が当社Webサイト(以下「本サイト」といいます。)にアクセスする際、ユーザー様のパソコン等のインターネット閲覧ソフト(ウェブブラウザ)に一定の情報を格納し、ユーザー様の本サイト訪問日時等を記録することができるものであり、ユーザー様が本サイトを再度ご利用されることを容易にする技術です。 Cookie等により収集される情報はそれのみではユーザー様を識別特定するものではありません。Cookie等で収集したユーザー様の情報は、ユーザー様の閲覧傾向を分析し、ユーザー様により良いサービスを提供するため及び当社のサービス提供に必要な限りにおいてのみ使用し、その他の目的のために使用することは一切ありません。 ユーザー様が当社によるCookie等を用いた情報収集を希望しない場合、ブラウザの設定により、無効化することが可能です。ただし、当社によるCookie等を用いた情報収集を拒否したユーザー様は、当社のサービスの機能を一部受けられない又は機能の使用に制限がかかる可能性がありますのでご了承ください。

7. ターゲティング広告の実施

(1) 利用目的、収集・蓄積・利用する情報
当社は、ユーザー様に対しより適切なオファーを提供するため、当社又は広告配信事業者等の第三者によるターゲティング広告を実施する場合があります。実施する場合、当社は保有している以下の情報(以下総称して「行動履歴情報等」といいます。)を利用します。なお、行動履歴情報等はそれのみではユーザー様を識別特定するものではありません。 )
① ユーザー様のデモグラフィック属性(性別、年齢、居住国、住所等)
③ 購買データ(ユーザー様の購入したアイテム、カテゴリ、金額及び日時等)

(2) 行動履歴情報等の提供

(3) 利用・保存期間

(4) 無効化の方法

8. プライバシーポリシーの変更


9. ユーザー様情報の開示・訂正・利用停止等の手続について

(1) 開示等の請求 当社に個人情報をご提供いただいたユーザー様は、当社に対し、個人情報の①利用目的の通知、②開示、③内容の訂正、追加又は削除④利用の停止、消去又は第三者提供の停止(以下①~④を「開示等」といいます。)を請求することができます。なお、開示等の請求の対象となる個人情報は、当社が開示等の権限を有する個人情報です。
(2) 請求手続
ア. 記載事項
イ. 同封書類
(A)いずれか1点 ・運転免許証の写し
a ・戸籍謄本又は抄本(作成日から6か月以内)
b ・公共料金の請求書の写し
本人に関する 上記イの(A)又は(B)の書類
代理人に関する 上記イの(A)又は(B)の書類
ウ. 送付先
株式会社サルバム 個人情報保護担当者宛



10. 個人情報に関する問い合わせ窓口