1. Selling price, shipping charge and other costs to be borne by a purchaser

(1) Selling price
The selling price of an item is presented on the screen for purchase proceedings and the item page. The amount of a presented selling price includes, as a rule, consumption taxes, and other relevant charges, in addition to the product price.

(2) Charges outside a selling price
When any charge outside a selling price is required, you will see the amount of the charge on the screen for purchase proceedings separately from the selling price presented on the screen.

2.Payment methods of the price (value) and time of payment

Payment method Time of payment
Credit card (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX / Diners) The withdrawal date designated by the card company
PayPal The withdrawal date designated by the card company
Apple pay When an order is confirmed

3.Time of delivery of an item

Items ordered will be delivered sequence.

4. Special provisions on returns and cancellation

(1) If an item has a latent defect
A) Shop’s response
(i)If it is a replacement is in stock:
Only a return or replacement of the item is available
(ⅱ)If it is no replacement is in stock:
Only a return of the item is available. We cannot repair it.
B) Procedure
Please contact us by e-mail (info@sulvam.com) of your order number and details of return or exchange along with your contact information within seven days after the delivery.
C) Costs
All costs required for a return (shipping charges, etc.) will be borne by the shop.
(2) Return (for an item without a latent defect)
No returns will be accepted for customer reasons, such as incorrect size or mistaken impression of the product.
(3) Inquiries about a return
Please contact us by e-mail (info@sulvam.com) for any question you may have regarding a return or cancellation.

5.Special conditions of sale (region-specific sales, limited-volume sales, etc.)

When special conditions apply to the sale of an item, they are notified on the item page.

6.Name, address, telephone number and other information of the business

The seller of items that can be purchased on the Site is, as a rule, us. Please refer to (2) for our responsible person, address and telephone number.
(2)Site operator
- Company name: sulvam.Ltd,
- Address: MG Building 2F, 1-45-6 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
- Telephone number: +81-3-6300-5282
- Representative: Teppei Fujita

1. 販売価格、送料、その他購入者が負担する費用

(1) 販売価格

(2) 販売価格以外の料金


支払方法 支払時期
クレジットカード(VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners) 各カード会社所定の引落日
PayPal 受注確定時
Apple pay 受注確定時



4. 返品・キャンセルに関する特約

(1) アイテムに隠れた瑕疵がある場合
ア. 出店者の対応方法
イ. 手続
ウ. 費用
(2) 返品(アイテムに隠れた瑕疵がない場合)
(3) 返品に関するお問合せ




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